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Marvell's Vision for Transforming Cloud Data Centers with CXL - hosted by J.P. Morgan
J.P. Morgan Host: Harlan Sur
Semis, Semi Cap Equipment & Tech Hardware Equity Analyst

Marvell Presenters:
Dan Christman - Executive Vice President, Storage Products Group
Thad Omura - Vice President, Flash Marketing
Ashish Saran - Senior Vice President, Investor Relations

This webinar will address the fundamentals of CXL technology and its role in bringing new levels of performance to power emerging metaverse and next generation AI/ML applications in the cloud. Existing data center server architectures face multiple memory scaling challenges and lack the ability to compose resources efficiently. Silicon solutions based on CXL, an industry standard for connecting processors, accelerators and memory, will facilitate new cloud architectures with improved scale and flexibility. Marvell brings a unique perspective with the industry’s most complete end-to-end data infrastructure silicon portfolio and will share its vision for how CXL will transform cloud data centers across compute, electro-optics, networking, security and storage.


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